We are harmony in diversity.
Yet, an exclusive inclusivity

At Star International,
We share a singular distinction.
A common difference that bonds us all:
The passion to design world-class ideas
For the best place on earth:

Since 1981,
We have starred in tens of thousands of home.
Across 30 countries around the globe.
From Europe to North America,
the Middle East to Asia Pacific,
Australia to the South Pacific islands.

Designers at heart, innovators in craft.
We are Star International.
An integrated retailer, maker and exporter
Of contemporary lifestyle furniture for
The modern world.

Diversity is our strength.
Quality our ethos.
Designers, Artisans, Engineers,
Thinkers, Assemblers,
Inventors, Homemakers,
We are harmony in diversity.
Yet, an exclusive inclusivity.

A Star of quality and style.
  The brilliance of function and design.

A Star that radiates far and beyond.
  Anywhere in the world.

A Star of Diversity.
  A palette for every style,
 And every Star.

A Star for Every Home.


Star International has a strong retail presence with a network of 7 retail points in Singapore, 9 in Taiwan, and 2 in Malaysia.

We have also conceptualized a retail concept brand known as Star Living – a one-stop furniture and furnishing store, housing seven distinct brands, specially catered for the busy city dwellers in Singapore.

The seven distinct brands are catering to varied customer segments. They are Star; Mondi Lifestyle; Zen Tradition; LUCANO; JotterGoods; Aartical and BEDz Store, each having its own unique brand propositions. We have consistently brought to market superior quality products in modern innovative designs that are current to modern market demands.

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We export to more than 30 countries worldwide, including Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Australia, South Pacific islands etc. lf you are a retail business looking to expand your product range, a start-up looking for opportunities, or distributor looking for good products, do reach us to see what we can do for you.


Project & Contract

We work closely with architects, hoteliers and anyone who need products in bulk. We are a manufacturer of high quality products who will work with you to produce your original designs that you provide.